last tuesday, the birthday celebrations continued. with enthusiasm and general festivity, we enjoyed a lovely dinner at los galanes.

little did the man of honor know, the real party wasn’t to start until after dinner. the surprise, pinata-infused, mexican-wrestled after party would feature fun, bright color, and rum cake. the classic birthday dessert at dinner helped keep the surprise alive (an whetted our palates for more sweets to come… who doesn’t love a little coconut fried ice cream?)

soon, the plan was in place, and we arrived at the house of the surprise party with neither glitches nor realizations by the birthday celebrator. and a party was had!

and this, good friends, is where the rum cake comes into play. before this night, i had never experienced a rum cake. but, after it was requested by the birthday honoree, i gratefully received a recipe (and a bag full of necessary ingredients!) from alex’s mom. and what a beautiful, delicious cake it was!

a show-stopper. a light, moist, rummy cake with a delightful rum glaze, and softly powdered sugar, the bundt, crumbs and all, disappeared by the end of the evening.

and so, the evening was a success.  a little mexican, a little surprise, a lot of bright costuming, and rum cake. a birthday fiesta done right.