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woah. it is already the fourteenth of december. DECEMBER. with a mere seventeen days left of this month, of 2010, i must say that time flies. it moves so quickly, swiftly, crazily, steadily. i remember, as a child, when my mom would say “i can’t believe it’s already [fill in the blank]!”, i would scrunch my nose and think to myself “she’s crazy.” but now, already two and a half years out of undergrad, two and a half glorious years in detroit, two and a half years working and learning and stretching and growing with the great folks of earthworks urban farm, i am shocked at how fast the time has gone.


quinoa buli


i have a lot of excuses up my sleeve for not posting. it’s been a time of transition for me– finding a new job, finding yet another new house (yes, that’s two house moves in two months… impressive, right?), balancing two jobs for a month, saying goodbye to earthworks and the soup kitchen (not forever, but for work), trying to fit in friends and family, trying to make time for eastern market and maybe even a walk in the snow.


mama's pumpkin cookies


currently, i find myself again behind. but behind in terms of the holiday season. i think that the calendar monster came out of the depths of the detroit river and ate a week of solid prep time between thanksgiving and now. it must have happened while i was sleeping.


rolling out thanksgiving blueberry pie


this week, i look forward to bright snow-filled days, hours in the kitchen, and the lawrence family christmas bru-ha-ha by the weekend. it should be lovely.


bulgur wheat stuffed squash with goat cheese and parmesan

please note, i’ve maintained a decent busy-ness in the kitchen! the translation from camera to computer to delicatasunshine has just been on slow-motion-mode.

with love and peace, i give you this update. and, with great hope and expectation, i look forward to sharing with you soon. and, thank you, pa, for enticing my update.