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friends, i have an oven again!

and, not just any oven. the baking and roasting and broiling and toasting all comes through a beautiful detroit jewel.

isn’t she just beautiful? i must admit, i didn’t know about detroit jewel ovens until moving into my new place. and i feel working in a detroit kitchen with a detroit jewel is appropriate, lovely, and very exciting. it’s an old gas oven, with history, grace, and the traces of many magical meals. i’ve never worked with an oven (not just stove top) that i get to light myself. exciting! exhilarating! new! fantastic!

of course, i tried it out three different ways on my first day using this antique piece of kitchen machinery. i roasted pink banana squash, i toasted the squash seeds, and i baked some delicious banana muffins.

see the squash ready for roasting? oh-so-grand.

everything came out equally grand: the squash: now in pureed form and ready for further processing. the seeds: toasted in oil and salt and pepper, a happy lightness and chewiness making them texturally half-way between popcorn and pumpkin seeds. the banana muffins: golden and polka-dotted with dried cranberries and chocolate chunks.

i think the jewel and i are going to get along just fine.