dancing dinosaurs

autumn’s first week has greeted me with crisp excitement in the gardens at earthworks. (and a happy belated equinox to you). while the daylight hours are shrinking back and the sleepy darkness of this time of the year makes waking hard, and while the fall grey days offer a sort of dull comfort, those gardens still fill me with so much LIFE.

our fall greens stand stately, boldly, somehow verdantly majestic. unfortunately, the aphids have found them, sucking and snacking away on these lovely brassicas (kale, collards, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage). on monday, i treated those little sucking bugs to a wet ride: sprayed–rather blasted–those buggers off the greens! the job was tedious, but also so delightful to spend four hours slowly pacing through these greens, to really commune with them.

while doing so, i had the pleasure to see the dinosaurs dance. am i crazy? well, of course. but i saw the march of the dinosaurs in the lacinato, toscano or dino kale (it’s so popular it has a variety of names!). this row of kale looked like a heard of miniature brachiosaurusĀ on the move, their lengthy gorgeous necks gracefully bobbing as the water dripped down.

i never knew spraying aphids could be so much fun!

i have no delicious recipe for your today, but if i did, it would most certainly feature the oh-so-lovely lacinato kale. soon. but picturing those plants as a mass of dinosaurs makes any grey day so much more entertaining.