greetings friends.

again, i am behind. work’s been intensely wonderful: from harvesting to bed prep to compost picking up to the harvest dinner celebration to beekeeping to seeding to watering…my life’s in a lovely state of busy. but that really doesn’t justify my lack of correspondence. i blame that on my intermittent internet at my new place. blagh! it can be frustrating. (again, not really a solid excuse….)

late summer loveliness

i have planned, prepped, experimented, tasted, loved, delighted, connected, pickled, canned…. so much these past weeks! the harvest season = great joy in the life of gwen.

bean salad

savory french toast

kale salad-- this converted anti-kale members of the lawrence family

blueberries in warm quinoa salad

carrots & beets for salad

flowers from earthworks

these are the wisps of my adventures these past few weeks. i must say the savory french toast was one of my more favorite experiments– we soaked day old bread in a mixture of fresh tomato juice, buttermilk, and egg. then, we topped the slices with a variety of different spices, from cinnamon to fennel to paprika and back again. finally, topped with thin slices of ripe, gorgeous peaches and goat cheese. the result? luscious. really delicate yet bold. fabulous.

my goal for this week: better documentation and a return to the weekly (at least) update. looking toward the fall, are there any recipes or seasonal produce you’re especially excited about? i’m looking forward to that good ol’ delicata squash… (surprise, right?!)