wow. again, it’s been too long. i really thought my time spent with my family in northern michigan these past few weeks would allow me so much time to experiment, cook, eat, and share with you– and the sharing just did not seem to happen! i blame it on a lack of access to internet. you could call it laziness, though, too. or distraction: the lake, the sunshine, the blue skies, fields of sunflowers, and good books. a relaxing refreshing restart, for sure.

while on my hiatus, i had the lovely honor of sharing the lake and the area with roommates from last year’s house, la grande. alanna and tara came to prepare, witness, and celebrate the wedding of roommate numero three, john, which took place in traverse city. alanna graciously came bearing fruits from her garden– gorgeous, plump, bright, and irregular, these babies had me squirming with anticipated excitement.

lemon boy and pineapple tomatoes. the colors? bright, lush, fantastic. the flavor? sweet and tangy, delicate and bold. the lunch we shared? the true essence of summer.

these tomatoes needed nothing–no salt, no oil, no vinegar–for their flavor to really stand out. but, coupled with delicious tomato and kalamata olive focaccia, freshly balled mozzarella, prosciutto (for the meat eaters of the group), and basil from our garden, the meal captured the hearts of all with the orange and yellow vibrant love of summer tomatoes.