a very happy july 28th to you!

as i sit here, in the cozy library in elk rapids, mi, overlooking the grand traverse bay, i can’t help but smile. and breathe deep. a break’s been a long time coming.

july has been the month of transition. as such, my cooking, photographing, eating, consuming, and life have been all out of wack. in the best of ways, of course.

a lost (but not forgotten) muffin monday

this month i am just plan behind. and out of my mind. moving places, shifting jobs at work, saying good-bye to amazing friends and hello to new ones. while i’ve forgotten the recipes for what i’ve made, i know my stomach’s been overfed and grateful this past month. the great joys of comfort eating.

so i leave you the photographs (of the food i remembered to take pictures of) and wishes for a merry end of july!

strawberry jam bars

some garlicky hummus

carrots and dates muffins

shredded zucchini and yellow crookneck squash for bread

also, a quick update– i wrote a piece on earthworks featured on the etsy blog. check it out!