i’ve been obsessed with these onions since wednesday. well, since before then. but wednesday, earthworks volunteers and apprentices harvested a bunch for our meldrum fresh market. i missed out on the harvesting action, moving topsoil to some raised beds at a community church nearby. but, no worries. i think this actually stirred an even greater reaction within me. i freaked out–shocked, amazed, overwhelmed by these baseball orbs of delicate white grinning up at me. i’m not sure anyone had ever seen such onion enthusiasm as i shrieked and carried on wednesday morning. i can put on quite a show, you know.

i am easily excitable, i know. but these onions deserve such joyous proclamation, these pearly fist-sized spheres. for those of you who live in detroit (or, as i say to my beloved brother, day-twa), consider coming and purchasing your very own at next week’s meldrum fresh market. stop by 1264 meldrum, detroit, 48214 from 11 am-1 pm to take your own home.