if you want to know the way to my heart, look no farther than wisconsin. am i a product of the state, a die hard badgers fan, lover of the packers and all things wisconsin? not especially. do i love cows, rolling hills with cute farms, frozen custard, amazing cheer, a crisp beer? YES, my friends, i LOVE these things! and because my parents live there. wisconsin is a great state.

this past weekend, i retreated in mount calvary, wi with fellow volunteers and capuchin brothers. the weather, lush and sunshiney, albeit windy like WOAH, reflected the happy spirits gathered there. 

after lunch on friday, our first day on site, i (surprise, surprise) had the grand idea that we find a local custard joint. i maybe made it a priority. in fact, i think i made it a requirement. thanks to the tip from the kitchen’s head cook, esther, i rounded up three others for the adventure in the bustling town of fond du lac for some gilles (pronounced with a hard g, like gill – eee). and we were NOT lead astray.

the charm of this place, indescribable. americana in its purest sense and idea. they even had car-side service! we were quite pleased, and our stomachs and taste buds began to grumble with excited anticipation.

four beautiful scoops of smooth, creamy, rich, and glorious custard came donned with glistening raspberries, caramel, hot fudge, blueberries and more. of course, the meyer that i am, i had to sample each person’s sundae (quality control is not a thing to fool around about. i know what i’m doing!). 

i chose a raspberry sundae with hot fudge. and was that sundae DEEEE-LICIOUS! oh man. please look to the first photograph to see with your own eyes the juiciness, loveliness, creaminess of that gorgeous treat. so good, we rounded a crew of 6 for a saturday excursion. (yes, i had gilles twice in two days. but when will i ever get it again? i could not resist!).

finally, i found this logo on nothing other than a manure spreader. and it just seemed appropriate on so many levels. farming and composting (reusing that pooo) + my last name + dairy = the bumper sticker of choice for a ms. gwen marie meyer. HA!