i now can say, with a good deal of confidence, i know pomo. what is pomo, you ask? port moody, british columbia, of course! my most recent trip to the lovely home of my dear aunt lynda et al really confirmed my love of this place. and my bearings are pretty solid there, too. clearly a result of being with the girls i love! as you can see above, and in the sequence below, my girls have various levels of patience with me…

while in the wild, woody hills of port moody, i got to do some cooking. this is no new feat, especially not in pomo. in fact, one could argue that my true cooking adventures jump started there, one infamous august when aunt lynda and i decided to cook up the turkey that had been chilling in the freezer since american thanksgiving (no pun intended). we ingeniously used joelley’s turtle kiddie pool and let that bird thaw. (aunt lynda was very pregnant with susanna at this point.) late in the evening, we stuck the bird (dressed in oil and herbs) in the oven, and roasted it through the night, keeping the heat in the house to a minimum and conserving energy. we were so proud of our work! and the meat, packed into portion-appropriate sized bags for the freezer, was ready to go with speed and ease for a mom of two!

our family (my mom especially) has since expressed an aghast disgust/concern/dismay/roll of eyes at this adventure. it makes us smile.

well, this time round, i made brownies, muffins, and a side of tomato sauce. 

so i realize this picture looks pretty rank. kind of like a combination of rabbit turds, some mucus-y foaming puff, with a good sprinkle of course sand or something. do not be alarmed, dear reader. this is, in fact, a wild concoction of chocolate-y fibrous delight. this wild mix, once pureed and combined with 1/4 cup oats, is actually brownies. 1 can beans, 1/4 cup cocoa, a banana, 1/3 cup honey, a tablespoon of cinnamon + a quick trip in the food processor = B R O W N I E S. shocking, right? i thought so, too. bake at 350 for 30 minutes.

they came out rather thin– i think i would make them in a smaller pan so that they thickened, or else just make a double batch! they are not normal brownies, but quite the happy treat for a not-too-sweet fiber-filled chocolate fix! we enjoyed these on our adventure to bowen island.

the muffins were a lovely butternut apple dried cranberry delight. i forgot to take a picture post production, but the feedback i’ve gotten from aunt lynda is positive. she cleverly stuck those babies in the freezer for breakfast treats in the months to come.

finally, aunt lynda asked if i could make some tomato sauce, also for the freezer and quick meals. she had some old salsa to make use of, so with a beginning base of onions and carrots + homemade salsa + sun-dried, oil-packed tomatoes + canned tomatoes + bay leaf + dried basil + salt + pepper + a little honey = happy, crimson sauce.

now these have NOTHING on my aunt’s mess o’ seafood (look in the comment section for the recipe!) she made the next evening for dinner, but they were fun to make nonetheless. enjoy!

the pictures below are a testament to my desire for a picture of the girls with their new earthworks shirts, fresh off the press from detroit. they, however, were a little less excited about the pose…