rain, smiles, silliness, and the majestic beauty of the pacific northwest. what happens when a dear aunt invites a grateful gwen to visit her and her beautiful girls to british columbia?! pure delight!

five days of outdoor exploration, ballet in the living room, books in the bath tub, and really good grub can really inspire and excite. really get the newness of spring pumping through the veins. with the help of ms. joelle and ms. susanna (otherwise known as joelley-fish and mi tortuga, respectively), i saw a whole new side of BC.

on sunday, we ventured to bowen island. the van looked ready for a weekend trip to disneyland– we were prepared for rain, mud, and general outdoor messiness. but more importantly, we were ready for an adventure! from horseshoe bay and a ferry to the sleepy, verdant, gorgeous bowen island and back in a day! oh the thrills, the sights, the sounds, and the FUN!

we found a lovely public beach, with shores of sea-worn stones in all shades of gray, purple, blue, and green.

ms. susanna, a lover of throwing stones, had a hay day. joelle, a lover of climbing, splashing, exploring, and asking, kept us moving. we even met some lovely new friends who shared their bonfire and marshmallows with joelle, who happily roasted those gooey globes of sugar and fluff. the air, salty and crisp, was heavy with rain, but held back those lovely, round drops until after our beach excursion.

susanna giving me a rock

joelle belle eating a roasting mallow

the crew on the ferry, homeward bound!

the weather, the water, and the shells on the beach stirred the cooking prowess of my dear aunt lynda, who quickly, confidently, and deliciously created a mess of clams, mussels, scallops, and shrimp upon our return to the mainland. i will continue to hound her to get the actual recipe, but i can still smell the richness, the depth of that meal in this photograph.

hooray for fun-day sunday.