spring is here. sunshine and warm weather graced detroit this past week, giggling and shimmering the skies with bright blue and the world with new hope.

weeks such as this ideally coincided with the beginnings of the farming season. needless to say, work weather was great. my body definitely felt spring’s call to action: muscles rediscovered, residual tightness from the activity building, then numbing as the days sunk by.

and, while this week was ideal, it was quite the week for ms. gwen marie meyer. i admit, i am not a fan of talking in third person. but these events happened to me. by me. and because of me. and oh were they classic, in a way that can only be defined by me.

first, my camera got run over by a car. please see exhibit (a).

yes, you read correctly. i managed to drop my camera (in my handy-dandy fanny* pack) out of my car in downtown detroit. yes, i managed to make it all the way home before realizing i’d kicked it out of my car. yes, i made it back to rediscover my dear fanny*, in tact and missing nothing. however, dear fanny* was the victim of a hit and run. and my camera, gut-smashed and flattened, spewed its insides awkwardly out around the edges. (*please note, my use of “fanny” refers to a purse-like pouch and bears no resemblance to the irish slang. i learned this the hard way, when visiting a dear friend in ireland. this would be an awkward, unfortunate error for you, dear reader, to make).

i was heartbroken. it had been quite some time i’d let any sort of material thing, especially such a technical machine, bring me so far down. i could not cook, i could not blog. how would i ever return to the horrors of documenting recipes with the built-in camera on my computer? woe was me! 

then comes thursday. i’d made it nearly six days without documenting anything with a camera. i felt somehow empty, forlorn. my fingers yearned to zoom and focus. to capture and record. 

and then i had it: i would take pictures of the bees pulling in pollen! the maples, blooms bursting ripe form their branches, were ripe for pollen foraging, and my girls were wearing yellow leg warmers (they have these amazing pockets on their legs into which they collect pollen). clearly, i needed to capture a photo of them, leg-warmed and styling,  on my cell phone, to send my parents! 

please see the result in exhibit (b).
lesson learned: do NOT encroach on bee hives, even if the girls seem mighty preoccupied, busily harvesting pollen, with a cell phone all up in their space. they are NOT good with arrogant, eager beekeepers overwhelming them with such devices in their faces.

at this point in the week, i felt pretty sad for myself. but at least i got a good laugh every time i looked in the mirror.

well, this story ends with happiness, and a tasty treat, as any good story should. luckily, the camera (a gift from my parents) was warranty-ed and i have the great fortune of camera no. dos, which will never replace camera no. uno, just take its position. 

new camera in tow, i set to make a delicious treat to post this fine evening: blueberry rhubarb crisp. giddy and excited, i constructed this sweet with love and attention. but, as the previous events of the week indicate, my vision was not to be realized in its intended form. why, you ask? because i forgot the butter.

do you see a difference between these two photographs? well, you should: the one on the left is pre-baked, the one on the right, after 35 minutes at 375…

without the butter, my crisp did not crisp. it bubbled and steamed, but did not brown, crunch or crackle. my improvise? SMASHING. between the mushing of my camera and the smushing of my left eye, clearly my week served as the inspiration. using the spoon, i smashed, mushed, smushed, and squished all those lovely ingredients together.

the color? delightful. the flavor? tart and sweet. the texture? not unlike hot cereal or oatmeal, but with a much finer feel to it. would a crisp’ve been better, butter included? of course, but i enjoyed my smashed blueberry rhubarb delight all the same.

smashed blueberry rhubarb delight
inspired from a long week of… smashing

3/4 c rhubarb, chopped
3/4 c blueberries
1/2 tablespoon sugar
1 tablespoon chopped almonds
1 tablespoon ground flaxseed
3/4 c mix of oats, flour, cinnamon

1. mix fruit and sugar in a bowl.

2. mix remaining ingredients in bowl, stir well.

3. place fruit on bottom of oven-safe dish. top with oat-flour-nut mix. bake at 375 for 35 minutes.
4. smash.