at the end of january, i visited my nanny and poppy in their warm, cozy home in ada, ohio. i try to make it down once a month, and admit that february has mysteriously dissipated, and march is quickly following suit. tara, famous for her ham and cheese sandwich, ventured along. i think she has a better understanding of my love for ice cream, popcorn, and sweets… probably my obsession for food in general.

the weekend was grand, the food delicious, but one of the more exciting gains of the trip was a dozen eggs from my nanny’s dear friend diane. a writer, a gardener, a cook, a grandma (to name a few!), diane made perhaps the best apple pie i’ve ever experienced last fall. so good that it still creeps up in my dreams. not that it’s creepy– those are the dreams i hope for when i go to sleep at night.

delighted, excited, and inspired, i carefully transported my eggs back to la grande. i knew these eggs were special, only to be used for special things. my roommates (mr. lacross, especially) really have a thing for eggs, so made clear notations on the top of the box that these eggs were not fair game for everyone. no, these were my eggs, fresh from diane’s, for unusual and remarkable dishes only. 

eggs in batter for beet cupcakes! (so the recipe called for 3 eggs, i believe 2 of the 3 were diane’s)

eggs in batter for spiced-up cornbread!

eggs in molasses cake!

egg for an egg sandwich on focaccia!

eggs for banana bread (recipe coming)!

oh the adventures of me and my eggs. great recipes, a happy stomach, and good stories to share. many thanks to diane for such grand inspiration. what are your favorite recipes with that great oval of protein?