after yesterday’s delightful highlight of my dear roommate tara’s fantastic take on the oh-so-loved ham & cheese, i felt the need to share another tasty sandwich: i’ll call it the magenta focaccia melt.

to be honest, i am not even 100% sure what went in this sandwich. but i do know it smelled great, tasted even better, and was coupled with even better conversation with my dear friend seema.  

in town for a stint before heading to visit her parents, seema witnessed the whirlwind i am in the kitchen. wild, unsure, but somehow confident. also, i really like to clean up after myself (keeps me one step ahead for the next time). 

our dinner? well it started with a simple cheese melt. i had made fingerling focaccia the weekend before, so we cut two squares of that off the loaf, and sliced them in half. after lovingly layering some cheese, some roasted tomatoes, some mustard, into the toaster over those babies went.

meanwhile, we decided our meal really needed something green to make it well-balanced and more sustaining. well from green we went to magenta and sauteed up some beet greens with some onion and a little curry powder, if i’m not mistaken.

the sandwiches came out before the greens were done, and were originally assembled as their own separate entity. but, once those beet greens sizzled and smacked the sides of their pan, seema cleverly stuffed the greens into her tomato-cheese-focaccia melt. the result? shear genius.

good to the last bite. i give you, dear friends, the magenta focaccia melt.

eat well!