last night, tara got home after a weekend of weddings and wonder on the west side of michigan (imagine me pointing to the mid-left side of my left hand right now, that’s where her family lives). as we chatted and caught up, she made this fantastically grand ham sandwich. i mean this sandwich is unlike any other i’ve seen her make. it had height, it had color, it had fruit and cheese and mustard. and it had ham.

now, for those who don’t know me, let me tell you about me and ham. we are not great friends. i think it mostly stems back to horrible easter dinners with thick, chewy pink ham. ugh the smell, the texture, the flavor. it just did not sit well. but the mandate for a clean plate was there, as always in our happy meyer clan. and the memories of the meal as a whole are great: aunt ish and uncle duane, sauer kraut and those after dinner mints. but the ham. UGH the HAM! my relationship with pork still needs reconciliation at this point, i believe. maybe someday… maybe.

well tara’s sandwich really did call me to reconsider. i mean just looking at it was enough to cause a person to stop and think. it awesome. different. new. 

i did try one bite, but it only had the apple and cheese (YUM). but for those ham lovin’ folks out there, please see below to tantalize your taste buds for some pork and cheesy, appley goodness!

tara’s ham and cheese sandwich

vegetable oil
whole wheat bread
granny smith apple
fontina cheese
stone ground mustard
one slice nice ham (tara specified the good kind, not the slimy lunch meat ham)

1. put some oil in a small frying pan, over medium heat. rub oil on bread and let it warm.
2. crumble cheese on top of warming bread.
3. spread mustard and honey (3 squirts mustard and 2 knife-dips of honey!) on top cheese.
4. shred ham slice into smaller pieces. brown it on open space in frying room next to bread until warm (1 minute), then add to sandwich.
5. place slices of apples on top of ham, and continue to warm until you’re satisfied. with the look of your sandwich.
6. assemble and enjoy!