it’s true. i am, in fact, associated with poachers. but poachers of eggs, dear friends! pretty, lovely, fluffy eggs.

this past saturday and sunday, i had the fine privilege in working with the corktown community brunch. loving food, justice, cooking and eating, how could i help but get involved? i had heard that this was happening a month ago, but just missed the event by a day. this month, i scribbled it darkly in pencil (ticonderoga, the cadillac of all pencils, as my dad would say) to make sure i’d be free. and what a lovely time we had.

the menu angela conceived of this month was poached eggs or baked tofu, cauliflower hash, cornbread, sunflower sprouts (my friend carolyn’s, fresh!), sauerkraut (my friend blair’s, i think she called it pink… something… power? no. but its gingery kick was fantastic), and greg’s hot sauce. let’s just say the plate was quite beautiful.

the plate: hash, poached egg, and shoots. DELIGHT!

the cornbread

the kraut. wildly fermented. oh so tangy, such a lovely compliment to the tastes on that plate!

and, of course, the hot sauce.

the brunch was quite a success. i took a variety of roles: my most favorite was the poached-egg-warmer-upper. i did learn a thing or two about poaching (i think team poached eggs all learned a whole lot, considering this was a most definite first for everyone). namely: use lots of vinegar (thanks, iron chef america! glad i watched that one last time i was home…), use salt, and keep the temperature right below boiling. crack egg in small bowl, cup, or ramekin and gently guide egg into water. have patience and keep practicing.

if you live in or near the motor city, come by for next month’s brunch, always the last sunday of the month! your taste buds (and tummy) will dance and smile with satisfaction.