these past few days in detroit have been phenomenal. truly glorious. the february thaw for sure. enough sunshine and warmth to give that glimpse of spring–mud and all.

even as winter’s fingerprints still linger on those steep, blueish shadows, the sunshine has been such a JOY. words cannot describe. lovely, gentle, and encouraging. that sunshine will keep me going until real spring arrives– it will most definitely be my solace in the coming 5-8 inches of snow creeping in tonight.

and life, spring life, baby green life has popped into the world! the babes, those hearty brassicas we plan to transplant as early as mother nature’ll let us, have sprouted at earthworks urban farm
brian seeding the alliums

this weekend, i was on mist-duty, tending to newly planted seeds (alliums–onions and scallions, brassicas–collards and kale). and the babes are up! those brassicas, once snug beneath the blackish soil, satisfied and content, have reached their tendrils up as if to say HELLO, GWEN! and, with enthused vigor and delight, i reply HELLO, BABY BRASSICAS! 

the first sprouts up

at their evening check

second day of breaking through!

i feel as though i’ve given birth. and with so much less pushing! but these seedlings will, some day soon, feed our stomachs, our hearts, our souls. they will nourish and sustain. 

and so the growing begins (again).