earlier this fall, i went on a work field trip to Toledo GROWs with my coworkers at Earthworks Urban Farm.  this trip was fun and exciting for me– beautiful gardens, community art, an inspiring director, engaged youth, delicious food. it was fantastic. perhaps the most exciting part was our purchase of the heirloom pink banana squash. this squash demands attention. it is HUGE. i remember feeling similarly overwhelmed and awed when i saw my first hubbard squash in live and living color last year. but something about the pink banana called to me more than the mother hubbard. i think the exotic color and oblong shape, something artistic and romantic and bizarre culminated into a lovely, charming attraction to the pink banana.

we brought it back to detroit where i daydreamed about what this beauty could become. and, over the coarse of a couple months, my eagerness continued to grow as i watched it sit on our work table. finally, last week or so, i was given clearance to take this giant baby home with me and work it out.

the picture above is to demonstrate the size: mikey, my friend jamila’s dog, was the guest of honor during this dinosaur egg adventure. trying to give folks a perspective of the shear size of this squash, you can see that mikey is the same size (and perhaps weight) as the Toledo GROWs pink banana! craziness.


as i cut the pink banana in half, i secretly believed a dinosaur baby would pop out. i knew it wouldn’t, but i guess i hoped one would– oh how creepy, sci-fi, delightfully wild that would have been! but, instead, i saw a rather clean, not-too-goopy mess of seeds and pulp which i happily removed. then, i cut the squash in quarters, rubbed it with some butter and sprinkled with salt and pepper, and roasted it in a 425 degree oven for about 45-55 minutes. i put some water in the pan to steam it while roasting. below are the pre- and post-roasting photos.

from here, i scooped the soft, mushy orange sunshine into my food processor. so much squash! i pureed until smooth, and ended up with 3 full yogurt containers of the vibrant squash. it processed so smooth and so mellow and so sweet. truly delightful. watch for yellow banana-themed recipes to come…