i never thought that blueberries would act as the ultimate prompt for starting a blog.

how i love to read food blogs. i roam the wild streets of the internet food blogs, wandering from one blogger’s favorite sites to the next. it has become somewhat of an addiction, or self-medication to the stress of work and life and my unknowing of what comes next. while i drown myself in the recipes, the stories, the flavors of these oh-so-well-loved blogs, i have never once considered myself capable of participating. and i still seriously doubt what my blog will contribute to the the ever-expanding sphere of blogs, the great black hole continuing to suck more and more time and real, physical interaction out of our culture and onto the internet…

blueberries– those western michigan blueberries– they did the trick.

tara, my roommate, she brought home the most blueberries i have seen in one place (other than a store or on a bush) in a loonnggg time. actually ever.

how excited i am to create with these blueberries! their plump, round little bodies– their rich, royal purply hue, their sweet and tangy taste…

what i am thinking for these indigo globes of delight:
-freezing for future fun and fresh summer flavor
-some blueberry bread or cake or muffins
-blueberry sauce for canning

any other ideas?